Dr. Jasmin

What is your NIA?

What is your purpose?

This is one of the first questions posed to me as a first-year Psychology major at Spelman College.  Because of my position as a Black woman and the things I’ve witnessed within my community, I’ve always had a vested interest in the healing of historically excluded groups. 

Regardless of work setting, I immediately notice who is and isn’t being served, and which barriers may be impacting those from marginalized groups. 

It is my personal mission to knock down those barriers whenever possible by naming the disparities and taking steps to reach those who wouldn’t typically seek out mental health services.

My areas of specialty include anxiety, depression, trauma, identity exploration, assessment, discrimination, race-based stress, and neurodevelopmental disorders. I help clients reach their goals by integrating multiple theories:


Focuses on the connection between client relationships and current difficulties


Focuses on social, cultural, and political empowerment


Focuses on fostering a therapeutic relationship based in empathy, genuineness, and non-judgment


Focuses on building relationships that foster mutual growth

Previous therapy clients have described me as having a warm and supportive presence while also being able to gently challenge when necessary. My ability to connect, human-to-human, with the person sitting across from me is one of my strongest skills. 

Social justice and psychological liberation are at the heart of my identity as a clinician; they are the frameworks that inform everything I do professionally. Beyond the office, it is my responsibility to respond to and eliminate barriers to psychological wellness by educating, facilitating and normalizing conversations on mental health, advocating for clients, and connecting them to resources.

Choosing a clinician is such an important decision. Now that you know my purpose and what I value, you can decide whether this aligns with your own needs and values as a client.


Dr. Jasmin

"You are a great and amazing listener. I can feel your support and solidarity, even when you are not speaking.

You are a calming presence, and that makes a difference."



Counseling Psychology


Community Counseling



Awards & Trainings

Outstanding Staff Award, Syracuse University
40 Under Forty Award, CNY Business Journal
Trauma-Focused CBT Training
Safer People, Safer Spaces + Implicit Bias Training

"You are truly one of the most powerful individuals I have ever met. You taught me not only are my emotions valid but they are a super power. "


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