Mental Healthcare


Trauma-informed Care

for the Syracuse Community

Liberation Psychology:

A body of thought and practice centrally concerned with the experience, knowledge, and action of those who have been excluded and marginalized

Mental wellness is our birthright. We all deserve access to guidance and support that will move us toward harmony, fulfillment, and empowerment. 

Psychological assessment can provide an in-depth understanding of areas of concern as well as strengths. An accurate diagnosis and tailored recommendations can increase access to necessary services and interventions. 

Outreach and education is a way to spread mental health awareness to underserved communities. Our consultation services bring important mental health topics from the therapy room to the community. 


We offer both in-office and telehealth therapy appointments.
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If you're seeking diagnostic clarity or treatment recommendations, we want to help.
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If you are seeking a mental health expert to speak in a group setting, let's connect.
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